ABF 2023

Abilicorp Foundation(ABF)


I reinvented Abilicorp several times since its start in 2009. Abilicorp Foundation(ABF) is the latest iteration; its mission is to initiate and promote Disabled Owned Businesses (DOBEs). My spine continues to compress, increasing my constant pain, waning my energy, and making my speech laborious and often unintelligible. With guidance from a small board of directors, I plan to work on ABF alone. Abilicorp.org will be ABF’s website.


Entrepreneurship has always fascinated me. As a person with no formal education, a holocaust survivor, and someone who immigrated to the United States without money, my father opened a grocery store. He provided for his family, including my mother, sister, brother, and me. Since dying in 1979, my mom has continued living comfortably without needing to work herself. The Need For Disabled Owned Businesses is a blog describing the importance of a website promoting DOBEs.


This website will soon have a form that anyone knowing a DOBE can complete. If anyone other than a DOBE officer completes the application, the DOBE will receive an authorization request allowing ABF to promote its enterprise. The only requirement is having a disability advocacy group send me an email vouching that at least 51% of the DOBE’s senior management, owners, or board of directors are people with disabilities.


The ‘Entrepreneurial Ideas’ section will have links to short descriptions of businesses I wished a person with a disability would want to start. Please let me know if you or anyone you know may be interested. Please also email me your ideas for enterprises you think should be initiated.


The ‘Advocacy’ tab will have blogs and petitions about current Disability Rights issues. The Decouple SSI/SSDI From Medicare/Medicaid - A Position Paper Please let me know what you think of it.


A ‘Resource’ tab will have links to articles and sites having information about entrepreneurship, financial health, investing, technologies, etc. People are encouraged to email me resources that workers with disabilities may find helpful.


Abilicorp – Personal Assistant Services(ABPAS) is a DOBE I wanted to start in 2022. The ABPAS tab has some of our plans, and a complete business plan is available. Please let me know if you or anyone you know have questions or might be interested in ABPAS.  


Over the years, I’ve written many blogs, presentations, and Torah commentaries incorporating aspects of disability. The blog tab has some of these writings. Then guest blog section will have material emailed to me.


Currently, there are no charges for anything on the website. Any contributions you make will ensure all material on the site is current, DOBEs receive professional marketing, and a small staff will continue my work.


Please let me know if you have any questions