Abilicorp Foundation(ABF) 


Abilicorp’s mission is to initiate and promote Disabled Owned Businesses. It aims to provide resources needed to implement innovative ideas that offer products and services for and by people with disabilities. Creative ideas may include developing gadgets and software, producing art and entertainment, providing remote assistance, financial management, and personal assistant services. Resources include access to investors, capital, mentors, advisers, marketers, classes, workshops, forums, blogs, and assistive technology.  Abilicorp will encourage any products and services it helps bring to fruition to be made available through the Abilicorp website.


 My focus in the Disability Movement has been improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Despite great laws, including the Americans with Disability Act, that have significantly improved people’s lives with disabilities, most people with disabilities’ economic well-being continue to be dismal. The unemployment rate still hovers around 70%. Many great agencies are working very hard to improve the financial health of this community. What is missing is a concerted effort to initiate and promote Disabled Owned Businesses

The Entrepreneurial Spirit; Initiating Disabled Owned Businesses

 The U.S. spends millions of dollars annually trying to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Much of this goes to persuade employers to hire people with disabilities. Some of this funding goes to preparing this cohort to be part of the workforce. Vocation training includes such things as resume writing and interviewing skills. Little if any funds are available to promote the entrepreneurial spirit many of us do or can have. As with the general population, there are people with disabilities who undoubtedly do better working for themselves. Abilicorp will create a model that will promote entrepreneurs with disabilities by providing them with the support they need. Abilicorp will undertake an education campaign informing the greater Disability Community that entrepreneurship is a feasible option with a proven model.

Promoting Disabled Owned Businesses

Some websites promote minority-owned businesses. A quick Google search for lists by minority-owned enterprises resulted in

There is no similar type of website for disability-owned companies. Disability: In has a comprehensive process for certifying Disabled Owned Business Enterprise, but the list they maintain is only available to corporate sponsors of their agency.

Funding Strategy

 Abilicorp will request 5% of any products and services sold through its website. Abilicorp will ask for a board seat on enterprises it helps start or fund. An Abilicorp staff member or adviser will fill this seat. Abilicorp will also seek a 10% minority interest in any for-profit corporation to help fund or start. Investors will be encouraged to invest directly in enterprises of their choosing. Investors who want to fund anonymously or through charitable giving can do so through Abilicorp.

Next Steps

There is a crucial need for attendants. Abilicorp’s first project will be starting the Abilicorp – Personal Assistant Services(ABPAS)

Would you please let me know what questions and comments you have regarding this exciting new endeavor?